Comprehensive Center Network

System of Support
The Comprehensive Technical Assistance Centers (Comprehensive Centers) have the overall charge of supporting state and local NCLB implementation. The Centers are funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

National Content Centers
There are five national content centers that provide technical assistance for the 16 regional comprehensive centers in conjunction with their work with state departments of education and related agencies. They include Assessment and Accountability, Instruction, Teacher Quality, Innovation and Improvement, and High Schools. Learn more about the other national content centers.

Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center

Center on Innovation and Improvement

Center on Instruction

National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

National High School Center

Regional Comprehensive Centers
The Alaska Comprehensive Center is one of 16 regional comprehensive centers. The 16 centers provide assistance to one large state or to a group of two to eight states. The major goal of the regional centers is to help increase State capacity to assist districts and schools meet their student achievement goals.